• Jennifer Pike

I'll Have a Blue Christmas in 2020: Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to my Christmas home tour!! Did I predict my Christmas color scheme for 2020 would match the current pandemic situation when I decided to go with the color BLUE almost a year ago? Not one bit! The "blues" were a coincidence of course, but it's one that I don't take lightly. This year many people have the Christmas blues.

I have found that my current blue scheme reflects exactly how I feel about Christmas in 2020. There is still joy. Christmas will still come. Covid-19 can't stop the birth celebrations of Christ, but I definitely feel that blue subdued feeling. I feel heavy for all of the families that will spend Christmas alone or even watching loved ones get very sick or pass away. The Christmas blues have helped me reflect on the season in a new way, and I hope that as you look at the photos and see my Christmas home tour for 2020, that you'll feel that same sentiment.