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  • Jennifer Pike

Hanging Snowballs & Snowflakes for the Holiday Season

Today I want to show you how I put together this hanging snowball and snowflake feature above my kitchen island.

It's officially the holiday season around Wild Rose Country Home! The stockings are hung by the chimney with care....

and you know the rest ;).

BUUUUUT....I don't HOPE that Saint Nicholas will come, I KNOW he will!!!

Before I start I'll link my basket pendant light DIY here for you! I made these a couple of years ago and they are my favorite thing about my home.

First let's talk about supplies. For my snowflake feature I used 7- 6 inch wide plastic snowflakes with glitter on one side from The Dollar Tree.

If for some reason you can't find them there or any other Dollar store in your area...or you want to be "Covid-19 safe", here's a link for some different ones online in my Christmas Amazon List that look like great options! Or click on the individual pictures below to see each one separately.

Some are paper, some are silver, some are acrylic....browse through and see what you like best!

I also added these beautiful glass and glitter Christmas snowballs from Michael's. I can't seem to find them on their website, but here are some similar beauties I found for you just below. Click on the photo to see them!

The big question is, How did I hang them????? Well...I'm not sure I should tell you to climb up onto your island for safety reasons, but that's what I did :0. Please do this with someone around to help you if you need it. Be safe!!!

At first, I bought a roll of fishing wire because I thought that would be the smartest option seeing as it is clear. I was soooo wrong! I tried to hang them that way but, because the fishing wire is so soft, the knots would not stay tied no matter which way I tried it. So, I switched to white thread instead. It's not reflective like the fishing wire is and therefore gives more of the illusion of the snowballs and flakes floating in the air AND you can tie a knot very easily. Then I tacked it into the ceiling using a good solid double knot and a clear thumb tack.

Click on the photo for links to get both of these products or improvise with what you have on hand at home.

My husband and I worked together to get the right height and space between each snowflake and ball. My advise...Just start with one snowflake and spread them out evenly throughout the area using both back and forth and side to side spacing. Then go in with the snowballs and disperse them throughout. I had to move one or two of my flakes after it was done. I stood back and though...yeah...this one needs to go back a couple inches and that sort of thing. Don't be afraid to make a mistake because they are easily moved since it's just a tiny pin hole into the ceiling. I have a bit of a textured ceiling so this helps hide the pin pricks too :)

There you have it!! A super fun DIY that I think kids and adults will both enjoy. You can make a fun Saturday activity while watching a Hallmark movie, am i right?!? :) Wouldn't this be so pretty over a headboard or over the fireplace mantel?? The sky is the limit!!!

I'll link my Blue Christmas Inspiration post here before I forget! I'm using Tartan throughout my home as well as many midnight blue touches for the European look. Take a peeeek!!

BTW.....The nighttime glittery look coming off of these is so magical!!! You're gonna love it.

Also, If you're interested in a fun bar stool DIY, here is my Color Blocking blog post I wrote for this quick and easy bar stool makeover.

Stay tuned next week when I bring you a fun blog post all about wrapping gifts and I also have a Christmas DIY coming up with Home Hardware you won't want to miss! Hint: I'm using wood door shims heheheh.

Be sure to come say hi over on Instagram where I post inspiration, seasonal décor and DIY's!!! I made some awesome stockings on my IGTV that you have to see!

If you're interested in the sweater I'm wearing, I'll link it here for you too! It's on a Black Friday sale--half off of what I paid!!! Click on the photo!!! Please leave a comment below to show your support.....Byyyeee Homies!! -Jenn xoxoxo

Last but not least...Here are a few more items from my kitchen that you may be interested in from these photos! Shop my Kitchen!

Click on the item to see!!! Thanks for shopping at my Amazon Storefront! mwah!!!


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