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Let Us Bring HIM Silver & Gold: Annual Wild Rose Country Christmas Home Tour!

Hello Homies! You had better grab a large cup of coffee or a very tall glass of wine for this blog post because I think I took 1 million photos of my home this year lol! It's 7 min read all the way through...are you with me!?! Then...let's go!

This year's theme, “Let Us Bring HIM Silver and Gold“ got me so excited that I had to capture every inch I could—inside and out, and because we have a brand new renovated backyard with a fun gazebo and hot tub, I had to decorate that as well. I’ll be bringing you a daytime and evening view of each space so you can see the difference in festive touches.

Let’s start at the front of the house…

Let Us Bring HIM Silver & Gold in the Front Entry

I created this rustic chic winter wreath in partnership with Home Hardware. The white spray painted tips and the soft lace ribbon brings out a sweet side in contrast with the rustic wood elements. The best part is, you can actually leave this up all winter, long after the holidays are over.

The Family Choir is the first thing you see as you enter. We've collected these crafty wooden cuties at a local Christmas fair for over 15 years which represent our family: Ken and I, our two daughters and their husbands. We just need three more little boys to represent our grandsons now.

My youngest daughter had this sweet sign (on the right) made for me with my favorite Christmas movie quote. I thought it was fitting to add a glowing angel ornament beside it that my mom gave me.

The simple green faux cedar garland always adds the right touch to the banister! I'll link the cutest boho macramé runner here that I purchased for my dining table, but also works perfectly here in the entry area. You can see how I used in it my, "You're a Peach" blog post ;)

I am actually getting my blue wall painted next year so you'll have to come back and see what happens there.

You'll see that my Silver and Gold color scheme has a lot of cream and green woven throughout. I also substituted gray tones for silver at times. This is a fun little trick if you don't want the shine of silver to become too much. It keeps it a little bit more on the boho side, too.

Let Us Bring HIM Silver and Gold in the Living Room

I knew what I wanted my 2021 theme to be last Christmas...and that meant when clearance prices came out right after the big day was done I could pick up some silver and gold Christmas items dirt cheap. I also repurposed everyday décor items that I've had for years, like this gold sphere. I simply laid it on top of some cedar branches I got at my local décor store, added some battery operated pillar candles and a few silver Christmas balls.

The Christmas tree is always so fun to put together! I added a variety of tones in the silver and gold family ranging from bronze, copper, gray and cream. However, la piece de resistance was the addition of some pampas grass picks. Get them for yourself! Again, they are so versatile and perfect for any home décor style.

If you think this is pretty in the day, wait until you see the night time glow. I wish you could all come over and see it for yourselves. These gold deer curtain tiebacks are also super sweet for the holidays! Check them out-- they also have a leaf pattern that I used in the dining room.

I used these super soft plaid pillows with cream, gray and beige tones to represent the silver and gold theme.

I also brought out my fur "Game of Thrones" blanket with a light gray pillow to tie it all together. All the cozy feels are needed at Christmas!

The mantel is usually a bit of a challenge for me since the TV is directly above. I can't use real flame candles because of that fact and I only have about 6 -8 inches to work with in height. I definitely don't need too much light here since the fireplace and tv bring a lot of light. Even though there are some challenges, I think it looks sweet and simple this year with my little golden-crowned bird, battery operated candles and the Scandinavian XMAS sign.

I wrapped some birch logs with fairy lights and set them into an iron stand next to the gas fireplace for a woodsy feel.

The large snowflakes above the nautical mirrors are a fun way to display them for the winter.

Are you ready to see a few dusk and night time views?

I'll have to record my husband playing some Christmas carols on the piano for you all over on Instagram!

Let Us Bring HIM Silver & Gold in the Kitchen

Christmas in the kitchen is relatively simple this year. Let's look closer at some of the details.

It's all about candy, muffins and little vignettes around the counter tops.

This beautiful mercury glass tree is perfect on a tray for the island.

I added some faux snow and a few extra silver balls to contrast the gold tray.

One of my favorite new additions this year are the mini Christmas balls I hung from the mirror.

Let Us Bring HIM Silver & Gold in the Dining Room

This is where we will enjoy our family's favorite Christmas tradition: Raclette! I couldn't wait to make it super cozy and welcoming.

I made this dried arrangement for the corner buffet area. It smells divine back here!

Adding different tones of greenery makes for such a pretty winter focal point that grounds the room.

Let's talk about candles for a moment. This year I have almost entirely switched to battery operated candles and I'm in love with these ones. The have a greige undertone and fit in perfectly.

The centerpiece down the middle of the table has mostly gold elements with a touch of silver. The silver and gold mini jingle bell napkin holders are the newest and sweetest find from Homesense this year.

Let's take a peek at what this space looks like in the evening and night.

There's a sneak peek of the outside too!

Let Us Bring HIM Silver & Gold in the Powder Room

Even though this is just a half bath, I find it is one of the cutest areas to decorate. I used my shim tree for the top shelf that I made last year and put a cute little tree in the corner for that extra festive touch.

The little figurine of our dog Farah that passed away on Dec 18, 2017 reminds us that she is still with us in spirit.

While we are looking at shelf décor, let me show you some of the details on our shelf out in the hall way right around the corner.

My husband continues to develop his Dept. 56 Dickens Village each year. He loves his pastime collecting these. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is our favorite book to read around the holidays and one of our newest favorite Christmas movies is, "The Man Who Invented Christmas" which is the somewhat true story of Charles Dickens and his development of writing the time honored classic.

The magic happens at night on this shelf...

Let Us Bring HIM Silver and Gold in the Grandbaby Room

I know the grand-kiddies are only 1, 2 and almost 3, so the décor may go unnoticed to them, but I had a lot of fun putting it all together for all of us.

Click on this cute nativity photo if you're interested in the Melissa and Doug nativity scene made of wood.

They will really love the reading area in the closet this year with the beautiful wreath and the tiny Christmas tree nearby.

Let Us Bring HIM Silver & Gold Outdoors

I went very simple this year on the outside! I added a few touches of greenery on the sides of the door and with a faux cedar wreath. Ken strung some silver and gold lights around the door and around the front of the house (warm white and cool white alternating bulbs which is almost impossible to get on camera for some reason ;) but in person is really beautiful).

We purchased this amazing wreath for the front of our home from Costco that was too huge and heavy to put up alone, but we did it! I really wish you could see the "silver and gold" lights better. The camera just picks up the fact that they are white lights, but not the cool and warm look together.

P.S- Can I let you in on a little secret? My garage doors have these awesome black accents on them, but they are just magnetic! I've had them for 5 years and they still work great and never fall off. If you're looking for a great idea to spruce up your garage doors easily then click here and get some for yourself.

We found these awesome Dickens style lamp posts at Costco, too! I added the little cedar wreath to make it more festive. They bring so much Christmas joy to the hot tub area! So does the huge amounts of snow we already have ;)

We usually have our evergreen trees out front, but we decided to put them at the opening of the gazebo.

The trees are gorgeous lite up at night and everything looks so festive from inside the house.

That's all folks! I hope you have enjoyed the extensive Christmas Home tour this year and the Silver & Gold theme! I want to wish you all a year of happiness, mental sanity and freedom as we keep strong during these pandemic times. I will leave you with the lyrics that inspired the theme for this season:

Merry Christmas from Ken and Jenn xoxox

If you made it this far have even more time to spare (you are literally my favorite people)... I'll link some of my previous Christmas home Tours below: Just click on the photo if interested!

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