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Quick Tips for a Trendy yet Classic Blue European Christmas

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The blue Christmas trend is making a huge comeback this year! Check out these three tips on how you can jump in on the latest trends that are also very classic too. To help a friend out, I'll add direct affiliate links to find some of the key products I found for my home this season.

I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt last Christmas that I wanted to bring in a European feel for 2020. I was inspired by my trip to Europe in 2018 and the beautiful blue and green tartan print. It was not easy to find, let me tell you. I was searching and shopping the whole year long for my touches of blue. So I hope this post really helps all of you out in looking for some exciting blues!!

Tip #1

My open concept space came to life when I made these tartan curtains out of two king sized bed coverlets from Homesense (which I found on clearance last December). You could head to your local fabric store and pick up your favorite pattern to create your own easy peasy curtain panels. If you get fleece like me, there won't be any sewing involved because it already has a non-fraying edge. I used these clip on curtain hooks and they were up in under 20 minutes! The curtain hooks are linked in my amazon storefront. Click on the photo to see them!

Choose a bold pattern and place it strategically. For me, it was the plaid tartan pattern but you could easily swap that pattern out for a blue and white ticking stripe or a bold floral.

Tip #2

Use solids and textures throughout the rest of the room. That way your pattern will be the first thing that eye goes to.

Here I added some pillows covers in a solid linen midnight blue, an emerald green velvet both from IKEA), a sweater and wood button combo (Walmart) and super soft fur (Chapters Indigo). None of these will compete with the plaid but will enhance the cozy feels while reinforcing that beautiful pattern.

Tip #3

Start to gather some florals and accent pieces in your main color. Mine is this rich midnight blue.

You can add florals to your tree, dining table, entry way vase, mantel, or door wreath. I bought these at Michael's in August or September and so they are technically a summer flower, but look how amazing they look in a vase with some evergreen and branches added in.

You can see how the tree comes to life with a few blue flowers added to it. I haven't even finished decorating it yet and it already looks amazing. You wouldn't think to add a non-seasonal flower like this...(I think it's a gladiola???), but it works great!!

I chose blue goblets, a table cloth and Christmas balls as some additional pieces. You don't want to overdo it and buy EVERYTHING in blue because it will overwhelm the area. The table cloth is a nice backdrop for all of the gold that I added to the table. You can get the table cloth here.

The goblets were a clearance buy in the summer from Stokes and are no longer available, but I have seen similar ones at Homesense too.

I'll link these awesome Christmas balls in my amazon storefront for you! They come in two different sizes and additional colors. Click on the photo to see them :).

Can you feel that European coziness building throughout the home? I can't wait to share even more with you concerning the décor details in a later blog... or come see me over on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook.

Here are a few items I'm adding that are neutral to balance the blue. These gorgeous handmade bead ornaments are from a Canadian small shop: Our Joyful Dwelling, and I know you'll love them!! Click the photo to see them in the shop! I'll be getting a bead garland shortly too!

I hope you enjoyed my quick tips for a trendy yet classic blue Christmas. I have a lot more to share with you as the season goes on. I'll be adding home made stockings lined with lace, some plaid touches to the bedroom and much more! Have a great week and we will talk soon! -Jenn xoxoxo

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