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Christmas Tree DIY Using Rustic Cedar Shims

Home Hardware approached me to feature a Christmas DIY using products from their store. I was inspired by this rustic Christmas tree DIY made out of cedar shims I found on Pinterest (Elizabeth Joan posted it on her website, so I thought I would give it a try with my own personal spin. Little did I know that I would be HOOKED on making cedar shim trees!!! I think I have found my calling. I love how each one turns out differently--each with its own character. There are so many variations and designs to try. The sky is the limit! Let's take a look at the five different ones I created as well as some step by step tutorials on the process.

1- Twin Pines

I made this tall beauty for my collaboration with Home Hardware. I love this one because of its 20 inch height and deep green color -Pleasant Hill by Beauti-tone. I left the trunk natural for added interest and added twinkling fairy lights.

Here's how I made my cedar shim tree:

a) Buy some cedar shims at your local Home Hardware or lumber yard. I used 12 inch shims, but they also sell smaller ones too. I am definitely going back for a few small packs to try them out. Lay them out on a work surface and see all of the different tones of wood as well as shapes and sizes. Some are more jagged, thin and vary in wood tone. I would wear gloves if I were you because they can give you splinters if you're not careful.

b) Place your shims together into the design you want:

Basically, you should have the same number of shims on each side of the trunk for balance. I used up to 5 on each side, but you could do as little as one on each side. You choose how long you want your trunk to be too.

c) Glue your shims together with a high temperature and high bonding hot glue like I have by Gorilla Glue. A low temperature glue will not be strong enough to hold your trees in place properly.

d) Paint or stain your tree(s)

I chose to paint my tree but you could also stain it if you like. Or even just put a clear coat on it for a natural look. I painted one side solid green and the other side leaving the trunk natural. That way you have two different look options. This is a $7 sample of the color Pleasant Hill by Beauti-tone.

After it is all dry you will build a base for the tree by stacking shims with their opposite ends together. This part takes a little creativity because depending on your tree's height and weight your base will change to support it. I typically stacked the shims two high and glued two to three widths wide. Then glue the bottom of your trunk to the base. You'll know it's stable if it doesn't tilt at all.

e) Add pine cones, fairy lights and stems. Using a wire cutter, cut some pieces off of your branch and glue them around your base. Then wrap your trees with lights and you have a beautiful cedar shim tree for Christmas or winter hygge.

I added two trees to this base at varying heights.

That was it. I decided that I needed to get creative and try some more cedar shim trees out. So I got some more shims and try a few other looks:

2- Gray Gardens

This reversible pair are a soft country gray color. One tree is skinnier than the other and one is slightly lower to the base. I added some mini pine cones that are absolutely darling!

3- Three Sisters

This is such a gorgeous one with a completely natural Scandinavian look. It reminds me of the mountains in Canmore, Alberta. These have a more staggered look to the bottom and top, too.

4- Whyte Christmas

I have to say, this one is my absolute favorite so far. The one said has the solid white/natural trunk while the opposite side is white washed and rustic.

5- Lone Pine

I named this cutie after the campground I use to go to in Vermont as a child.

Again, one side is solid with the natural trunk and the other side is more rustic.

I didn't add fairy light to these ones yet, but I might. I really wanted to keep them simple for now.

Thanks for stopping by to see my shim DIY!!! I'll leave with this amazingly kind nugget today...I reached 10,000 followers on Instagram last week and my husband went out and got me a cake to celebrate!!! I really appreciate YOU, my Homies. being here with me along my journey. I have YOU to thank, really!! You are the ones reading, commenting, liking and supporting my passion!

Thanks so much for being here!! I'll be posting my how-to video over in my IG Stories today so check it out here on Instagram.

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