• Jennifer Pike

Adding "Blaccents" Around Your Home: aka- Black Accents :-)

Do you like the new word I created: Blaccents? Well, maybe I shouldn't jump the gun...I think that I came up with it because I've never heard anyone use it before. If it's already a thing, please feel free to message me and prove me wrong hahah!! :-0

My husband and I have been a little sneaky because at the beginning of January we made a huge change to our living room (which may or may not include blacccents ;)) and didn't tell anyone, even my Instagram Homies. Shocking, right?!? I have been saving this project in my back pocket because I just had surgery last week and knew that I would need some content for three weeks while I'm in bed recovering. Side note: you can check out my highlight on Instagram for all the graphic details about my surgery HERE. So here is the BIG change we made:

EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeekkkkkk!! I am so excited to show you!!!

Here's the photo I mocked up with the behr website which showed me I HAD to do this paint feature.