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  • Jennifer Pike

Adding "Blaccents" Around Your Home: aka- Black Accents :-)

Do you like the new word I created: Blaccents? Well, maybe I shouldn't jump the gun...I think that I came up with it because I've never heard anyone use it before. If it's already a thing, please feel free to message me and prove me wrong hahah!! :-0

My husband and I have been a little sneaky because at the beginning of January we made a huge change to our living room (which may or may not include blacccents ;)) and didn't tell anyone, even my Instagram Homies. Shocking, right?!? I have been saving this project in my back pocket because I just had surgery last week and knew that I would need some content for three weeks while I'm in bed recovering. Side note: you can check out my highlight on Instagram for all the graphic details about my surgery HERE. So here is the BIG change we made:

EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeekkkkkk!! I am so excited to show you!!!

Here's the photo I mocked up with the behr website which showed me I HAD to do this paint feature.

It's a pretty bad finger paint job and I'm sure the app has a better way of doing things, I just have zero patience to figure out technology. This mock up was enough to show me that this was the direction I wanted to go. This was a few days after New Years and we are all looking for ways to freshen up our spaces again, right?!

I am usually all about the bright white from top to bottom with warm wood accents, buuuuuut when my husband and I designed our gazebo, cedar shed and privacy walls in the backyard last summer we realized we loved the combination of cedar and black together. There's something about it that feels classy and mature. Blaccents it is!!

In case you missed it, I'll link that blog post. Check out the backyard HERE. I cannot wait to get back out there this summer!!!

As you can see the cedar and black accents aka "blaccents" are awesome! We decided that this was a combo that we loved so much and wanted to see throughout our home on the inside as well.

Then I realized that a lot of this scheme of blaccents and cedar were already in my home!! To prove it, here are a few photos of areas you know all to well which proves how much I have loved this combo for the past few years with out even knowing it! I guess I was afraid that blaccents would feel far too dark for me but it does not. It has changed everything in our living room but I'll touch on that a bit later.

Exhibit A: I painted my door as a blaccent and my railing as a blaccent. My dusty chandelier is a blaccent, my coat rack has blaccents, my entry table, the same...duh!! hahaha...where have I been? I'm definitely not fooling myself if I think my home is light and airy. I've subliminally been adding cedar and black everywhere! But wait, there's more!!

Exhibit B: My Master Space Bathroom that was already here when I moved in is filled with blaccents throughout in the tile and granite counter tops. I added warmth through cedar blinds, rope hanging mirrors, barn wood & macramé closet door partition and a sponge wall.

The same goes for my main floor half bath:

When I walked into my half bath, there it was facing me again! Blaccents and cedar!!

Exhibit C: My dining room table is cedar toned and my chairs are black! Oh my gosh, how have I not noticed the true combo of my soul?

(This Valentine banner is going to be a part of my tablescape in my next blog post)

OK...are you still with me for the big reveal in the living room? Have I convinced you that deep down inside, I truly love this combination without even knowing it?

Then, here it is!!!


And after!!!!!

I am dying over the transformation!!! I feel like I will never watch TV against a non-black wall again. IT certainly makes the colors pop in any show and it also helps the TV and fireplace to blend right in almost completely. I felt like they stuck out like a sore thumb at times. It also makes the piano even more beautiful somehow! The color is BLACK by behr Premium in the scrubable matte finish.

Here are some of the décor features up close: