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  • Jennifer Pike

You’re a Peach! 🍑-A Birthday Party Theme

I had a lot of fun planning this 24th birthday party theme for my daughter. I wasn’t going to do anything “major” this year, but I threw together what I had on hand with a quick trip to the grocery and dollar store to create a fun and memorable theme.

For the cupcakes, I bought a bag of Fuzzy Peach candies and placed one on top of some peach colored cream cheese icing…yum!! Then I sprinkled on some confectionery “glitter” for that pretty touch.

I saw these bold black & white paper cups and knew they’d look great against the peachy tones. Simply add them to a tiered tray with some baby’s breath flowers around them to take it to another level ;)

When I was at the grocery store, I saw these beautiful peach colored dipped roses and knew I had to add them to my faux boxwood wreath to dress up the window. Aren’t they gorgeous?!?

Let’s talk about snack foods! This is always so much fun for me to create. I started to think about peachy colored foods and I came up with these things: Bell peppers, baby carrots & dip, prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe, Mike’s Hard Peach cans, Fruit to Go bars, and a variety of candies from Bulk Barn.

You can’t have a party without some fun straws, balloons and napkins, right!?? I put some baby’s breath and greenery around the table to make it super cute and pretty :)

I hope you enjoyed this peachy party!!! You can always throw a last minute party with a few of these key things in mind. Ask yourself, “What does this person love?” and run with that. Teah loves her fuzzy peaches so I’m glad we got to create this fun theme for her birthday.

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