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  • Jennifer Pike

Fa la la la la Christmas Home Tour: Happy Holidays in Wild Rose Country

Merry Christmas everyone! Can you believe that Christmas is just one week away? It's crazy, I know! My husbands birthday is also on Christmas day, so we have so much to celebrate and be thankful for :) This was us last Christmas in Banff National Park.

Banff National Park

We are very excited to be heading to NYC for New Years Eve this year! It will be our very first time there. Definitely a bucket list trip for sure. Hopefully I'll get to show you all of my amazing photos from that trip in January!

Today I am very excited to give you a tour of my holiday home. So sit back and relax as I give you a tour of the decorated areas. I can't believe that it's decorated and all set for Christmas! Yay! I can't wait for you to see all of the hard (but pleasurable) work I've put in since November. Christmas is such a joyous time of year, and I really wanted my home to give everyone a big cozy hug this year.

Let's start off in the living's the beautiful frosted tip 8 ft beauty :). This Alfred Sung tree has been with us since 2008, and it's still going strong...and by strong I mean, I've had to replace the pre-lit lights that burnt out on the top section, and then there is one section that does not light on the back....haha! But who cant tell? ;) It doesn't matter to me because I still love the look and shape.

This beautiful tree skirt is made of red burlap and there are three wooden buttons down the font to close it. Isn't it darling!? I purchased it here in Lloydminster at The Country Store downtown. The pom pom burlap stockings are from Michael's...and you'll get to know pretty fast that pom poms were my jam this year. The wooden XMAS sign and flocked mantle garland are both from Homesense.

There are two signs here that were purchased from local small business'.

This one that says MERRY AND BRIGHT is from the gals @pineandprairiedesign on Instagram. They are two moms in Lethbridge, AB who make these wonderful superb quality signs. The wood and details are top notch and I was glad to support some fellow Albertans :)

This 'TIS THE SEASON TO BE FREEZIN' sign spoke to my soul when I saw it at! This cute piece is from @willowandgrow on Instagram. She works out of Lloydminster, so I was so happy to support her. And there a little close up of the cutest pom pom stockings ever!

This photo above was my biggest "liked" photo of all time on Instagram this year. The live edge table from Homesense has been a big hit and is so versatile with any sort of decor or holiday. It helps that my cute pom pom stockings are hanging out in the background :)


"Bright COPPER packages tied up with strings...these are a few of my favorite things"...ok...I did change the song slightly, but here's why.... These copper wrapped Christmas gifts were my crowning glory this year! So many people were enthralled with the shiny paper. I have to admit though, when I saw the wrapping paper in Homesense, I knew it was going to be a HUGE hit! Copper and rose gold have been the metals of the year, and are used so widely in a variety of ways, even to wrap your gifts!

I simply added some raffia ribbon and a sprig of pine with two snowflake embellished bells...and voila! You have a beautiful gift anyone would love to unwrap. Cute as a this case.

This beautiful money shot (literally!) won me some great Edmontonian pal, Erin @where.home.begins nominated my photo for a contest with Decor Rewards Holiday...and I won! Both the weekly hashtag game and the $220 USD, to be exact!! I'm so proud of my sweet little packages...they did really well this year! I had added some variation as well to some of the gift toppers: red snowy winter berries, gold mini poinsettias and flat glittery cedar branches. They are the cutest gifts I've ever wrapped.


OK, besides pom poms and burlap, I had a slight pillow obsession this year. Can you spot the pom poms, though....haha. Yes, right there around the reindeer pillow and on the wool red pillow which has tons of white pom poms! They are both from Homesense, but the JOY pillow, and Nordic styled red and white patterned pillow are from Walmart. There is just something about tons of pillows that make a space feel so warm and cozy. I have to quickly point out, the magazine on the bench, Cottages and Bungalows, has a beautiful Christmas home spread from Jodie @jodie.thedesigntwins. She has been my ultimate inspiration and teacher these past few months, and I adore her! We also can't forget the Christmassy Rae Dunn mugs that have swept the nation. These ones say HOLLY and JOLLY :). The quilt was made by my mother in law...isn't it gorgeous!?


Yes! Candy as decor....well MOSTLY as decor ;)...we ate lots too. Isn't it so fun to be able to decorate with candy? Most people say that they would more likely eat them before they could display them, however, these jars were filled about a month ago and are still pretty full. I guess my family doesn't like peppermint as much as I thought. I purchased varying sized jars in height and in width to display this sweet goodness from Homesense and Walmart. The larger than life candy canes are from Bulk Barn. Tie each lid with a ribbon of your choice and you've got a beautiful counter top display your guests will drool over....literally haha!

If you are going to put you candy on display, why not put your hot beverages on display, too? This coffee cart is such a darling addition to any holiday house. I mean, come on: chocolate spoons, biscotti, gingerbread coffee, maple earl gray tea, Bailey's Irish cream, white hot chocolate...need I say more? They had so many great mugs this year at Homesense, including the cute ones from the National Parks: I picked up Banff and Jasper, my Alberta parks :). This cart is also so versatile and comes from IKEA.


Although the rest of my home is decorated with lots of red, blue, copper and green, I wanted to bring a bit of elegance to the dining room this year. I selected palette of cream, white, gold, glass, crystal and wood to be the focus. Simple yet beautiful. The jumping off point was my winter wonderland tree from my previous blog. After that, I found this gorgeous crocheted antique tablecloth and built from there.

These raffia chargers from IKEA were the perfect fit to bring a bit of rustic into the elegant. Gold rimmed dishes, pizzelle's, and shimmering gold ribbon brought the place setting to life. My friend Shawna @willowbloomhome made that beautiful wood bead garland for me. It is so gorgeous!

I added sparking crystal flutes, some peonies, birch branches, pine cones and very tall candlesticks, live wood platters and this table was done. Glamour meets rustic vintage right here folks. The antique milk glass vases fit perfectly into the cloche for a different take on how to display your vases. My gold cutlery didn't make the photos this time, but I will definitely be using them in future photos.


Seasons Greetings to all who enter! Lets turn our focus to the outside now. With my front door being such a deep cognac color, I had no choice but to go "au naturel" with my front door decor. Whites, golds, greens, blacks and natural elements was the way to bring out the Christmas magic of the season. Living in Canada adding some fun local elements are a give-in for me.