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Turning 22: A Sephora Themed Birthday Party!

When my daughter asked if I would put together a Sephora themed birthday party for her 22nd birthday, I was super excited! Black & white décor is so classic and I couldn’t wait to start brainstorming.

The first thing that was an amazing coincidence was that I had just purchased a black and white rug a month prior to her idea! I was thinking Sephora without knowing it! So, I knew this was the perfect jumping off point and the perfect scenario for this 22nd birthday bash!

I decided to design the centre piece down the middle of the table with make-up that Jorden could take home with her after the party. I also decided to add in pops of lipstick red here and there through the votive candles.

I shopped my space first before going to get any birthday decorations. I realized that I had a lot of items already in the home:

  • black plates and goblets I used at Halloween

  • gold cutlery (the ones I used in the Valentine's tablescape post here)

  • white chargers from Christmas

  • black place mats that I’ve had for forever

  • a simple white disposable banquet napkin

  • a white table cloth

  • a light box

  • a black leaf patterned picture frame

  • a tiered tray

  • a white cake stand

  • white florals

  • a black boa from my Roaring 20’s party I planned last year

  • black pillar candle holder

  • an antique black book

  • white candle sticks and other votive holders in red

  • Rae Dunn cloche and flutes

  • Black HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner

I always recommend shopping your space first. You never know what you have hanging around!

After I shopped my house, I made a list of items I would need to buy. For the make-up, I bought a selection of items from Winners that were packaged in black and white, so it would match the décor. They had lots of great items! Even the Sigma brushes Jorden loves at a Sephora, but at a fraction of the price.

I also bought balloons from the Dollar Tree and tied them to the goblets instead of the traditional balloon weights. I also purchased this cute tin that was perfect with black and white stripes! Inside, I hid a Sephora gift card for her.

For a treat, I got some dark chocolate balls from Lindt to put under the cloche and some rock candy sticks from Bulk Barn to go inside the Rae Dunn flutes. The colors matched perfectly for the Sephora theme. You can't have a party without candy!

I hope you had fun seeing all of the decorations for my daughter's 22nd Sephora birthday party! It was a blast putting it together!! Come see lots more fun on Instagram. Thanks for reading and I wish you the best in your future party planning!!!

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