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A Pink Lemonade Summer Party

I've planned a lot of parties in my day. A LOT. Probably over 100. Oh my, that IS a lot! None have brought a smile as wide to my face as this one. What could be better than pinks and yellows? These two cheery colors make a perfect match, especially for a themed party based upon pink lemonade and summertime.

This party was planned to celebrate my daughter turning 21. It is particularly special because this is the last birthday she will celebrate with us living under our roof. We are to become empty-nesters at 40!!! Crazy that it's happening so soon. I new the day would come but why did it have to come so fast?

As you scroll through the photos you will see how versatile the theme is. It could easily be made into: a gender reveal party, a bachelorette party, a baby shower, grandma's 80th or even an engagement party (if your significant other doesn't mind all the pink!).

Decorating with candy is one of the funnest ways to bring that cheer to the party. Everyone loves candy, so why not add in that color pop here as well. I love those Rock candy pops from Bulk Barn. They come in a variety of colors and they are so darn cute! Starbursts were a natural fit here as well. They had my color theme in the bag as well as some bright red and orange to liven things up.

I was SUPER excited when I saw these pink raspberry Coca-Cola's waiting for me! That's what I like to call a serendipitous moment.

We can't forget good old Fuzzy Peach, right? These ones are heart-shaped and a simply darling addition.

I saw this next idea on Pinterest and thought that it was so cute! So, I "pinkified" it and had it out on the main table for guests to see.

I found that awesome crate at Homesense Canada. It fits in with the theme of the party and also will be put to use somewhere in my home afterwards. Double duty shopping is where it's at!

The paper plates are all from The Dollar Tree. These yellow gingham sets are so cheery and fun. I opted for solid pink for the dessert plates so it would over power things too much.

The decorative birdcage and florals are all from Homesense Canada. The cute off-white tiered tray is from IKEA. I added two summer hats to the ends of curtain rod to bring in that summer flair.

Ok, now for my favorite part...the drink bar! Here's a glimpse without the lemonade during set up. I added the lemon slices and fun paper straws to the bar. Isn't it all darling!!!?

That lemonade just makes the whole party pop! Plus I added some cute drinking umbrellas because they are just too sweet to leave out.

I made this really easy banner from a few yards of material from Fabricland. I went with a solid pink and a yellow gingham (just like the plates) and alternated a two to one pattern. I tore the strips instead of cutting them so it would give it a rugged look. It took about a yard and a half of material to complete this 4-5 ft banner. To make it even lovelier, I poked in a few pretty pink flowers with yellow centers and hung it over the mirror in the dining room.

I layered an antique crocheted table cloth with a white ruffled runner I bought for Valentine's Day on my barn wood farm table from Wayfair. AND don't forget my motto: It's not a party unless we have balloons! I had to splurge and get her some ginormous balloons from Michael's with the "21" celebration number. Instead of putting helium in them, I hung them from the curtain rod. This saves money and your guests are less tempted to suck the helium out after the end party ends, ha ha!

21 years has flown by. Now my baby is getting married in August and a new chapter will begin for our family. New lives begin. Old chapters end. Blessings are abundant.

Wow. Makes me cry every time. ;') Thanks for reading friends! I hope you all let me know if you plan a pink lemonade party one day! You won't regret it :) Follow me on Instagram for more fun ideas in decor! -Jenn

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