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Never Grow Up - Archer's Peter Pan Themed First Birthday!

Hey guys!

Before we jump into this fun birthday blog, I wanted to quickly introduce myself. My name is Teah, I have a baby boy named Archer and my supportive husband Ben! I have a lifestyle/Home-Decor account on Instagram called "Our Joyful Dwelling". I also took on the exciting task of building the "Wild Rose Country Home" Blog Website; and own my own small shop on Etsy where I sell all of my own handmade items. Oh; and I am also the daughter of Jenn; or as you may know her as, Wild Rose Country Home! I am so beyond excited to be taking over her blog this week and sharing with you all, all of the fun details and planning that went on behind my son first birthday!

First things first, I thought we could start off with diving right into the birds eye view of the table layout. When it comes to pan out shots and display, I often struggle to get the right kind of layout that catches your eye. But this time, since I had such a large space to decorate; I found that I actually had so much fun with placement and display!

When creating a party table scape, a really simple way to let people know the overall theme is letter boards and banners! I took my smaller letter board and put "Never Grow Up". Then I DIY'd my own

"ONEDERLAND" banner by using gold sharpie, black paint, white chalkboard marker, and twine!

These custom made cookies were such a hit! I took inspiration from Pinterest and asked a friend of mine if she would be able to make the cookies custom for his party and she did such an incredible job! You can find her on IG @tryicingit The tiered tray is from IKEA, I'll link it here for you guys.

These gluten free brownie Pirate ships were so easy to make! I used tiny toothpicks and used ticking stripe gift wrap to make the sails; just poke the tooth pick through, secure it with tape or hot glue, and voila! I feel like these little brownies added just the perfect amount of pirate to the tablescape!

This part of the table decor was my ABSOLUTE favourite part to decorate! My imagination was just going wild. I wanted to recreate the scene in the Peter Pan film where Peter takes all of the Darling children to the clock face of London's infamous Big Ben! Right before they fly off to Neverland. I saw so many purchasable options to buy the silhouette stickers; but I decided to take the cheap way out and just print off the silhouettes, cut them out, and tape them to the wall; super easy! I did the same for the Peter & Wendy frame and just cut a circle around them to fit the glass frame. Those tiny white houses are ornaments that I purchased from my local Homesense three years back. I strung some fairy lights through them which gave the houses a more life-like feel! I added some mini trees in the back behind the houses to give the area some more "life-like" scale. On top of the wooden crate, I last minute added the "Jolly Roger" Pirate Ship, and it added even more to the space! I mimicked clouds by using pillow stuffing with fairy lights underneath them; to make it look like the city lights beaming through from beneath. Finally, I added tiny DIY'd lace curtains to the outer corners of the wooden crate to give it a window look.

The cake was a store bought gluten free chocolate cake. I added some blueberries and fake greenery on the sides to give it a lost boys feel. The ONE sign on the top was a super affordable cake topper from Superstore!

For cutlery I used a re-purposed candle container, a mix of bright red and gold cutlery, and added the simple greenery around it to make it more presentable! And for presents, I wrapped everything in simple brown kraft paper; but for the large box I hand drew the map of Neverland on it to just add something personal and unique to it. I also cut out a Tinker-bell silhouette out of felt and taper it to the lantern; this gave the lantern a little bit of a more magical touch!


Even with how hard this year has been with Covid Restrictions; I took on the task to make this party the best it could be and I wanted to just have fun with it. When looking back on Archer's first birthday, I didn't want to look back on it feeling major FOMO for not trying to plan his first birthday. Him turning one is a HUGE milestone, and we are all so proud of him and blessed to have him in our life; so I wanted to pour back all the love that I could back onto this special day. I am so glad I did because so many precious memories were made; and I had so much fun putting this party together! Thank you so much to my parents for allowing me to use their beautiful space for Archers first birthday. I hope that I inspired you with this first birthday theme and if you would like to support my Home Decor Account and following along with my family of three's journey then feel free to check out my socials below!


Our Joyful Dwelling is a Lifestyle, Home Decor account made by Teah Krieger. With a now one

year old son, and her husband Ben Krieger as her supporter & high school sweetheart; Teah decided to dive in head first with her entrepreneurial spirit and build her own branding. With an Etsy Shop, Videography Business, Instagram Home Decor account, and as a stay at home mom; Teah shares how you can creatively accomplish your goals while caring for you family's needs as well. Balancing all of her passions and hopefully inspiring others!


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