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  • Jennifer Pike

DIY Privacy Wall You Can Build With Dad!

Are you looking for something fun to do with Dad this weekend for Father's Day? Then this DIY Privacy Wall is a great option. There is a good amount of time spent on staining and building, so you and Dad can catch up on life while you hang out together. They say, men often enjoy opening up and talking while they work. Doesn't that sound lovely, Homies?

Head over to your local lumber store and pick up these items:

For one 8 ft privacy wall you will need:

3- 4x4 8 ft fence posts (get the store to cut them down to 6ft lengths or do it at home yourself)

27- 1x2 8 ft long wood slats

3- black metal fence post holders

24- wood deck screws

1- wide paint brush

1-mini roller and pan

A nail gun/compressor with 1 3/4 inch nails

Disposable gloves

1 pint stain color of your choice for slats (we used black)

1 pint stain of your choice for posts (we used cedar)



Soft mallet

Sorry Homies! We used the black stain before I could grab a pic! It's Beauti-tone Wood Shield, custom tinted in the color, Black Cat.


Find a place that you can lay out your slats and posts to stain. We took a couple of banquet tables and propped them up on some old shiplap in our garage for better drying and application.

We used the mini roller and pan for the black stain on the slats and a wide brush for the posts. We found it easier to gather them together and paint a few at a time, then rotate and do the same on all four sides.

We left gaps in between them so that we could stand there ;). There was crawling involved haha.

We have a lot of slats because we custom made three privacy walls to go around our outdoor dining area. If you only make one wall then the table should be plenty of space. (I spy that CAMP TEAH sign from the Glamping Party lol!! Click to see!

We did one coat on the posts and two coats on the slats.

Because we used oil based stain for durability, it took 8 hours between the coats.


When it comes time to install, Start with screwing in the post holders first, two on the ends and one in the middle. Measure no more than 8ft apart because your slats are only 8ft long. We opted to have the slats nailed half way onto each end post. That gave a it decorative look on each side.

Use a soft mallet if the posts have issues sliding in.

Level each side as you go and before the final screw goes in.