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The Dark Side of Décor: Master Bedroom Boho-Modern Makeover

I've been exploring the dark side of décor lately by adding "blaccents" around my home including the master bedroom where I continued the boho-modern look.

Our DIY privacy wall and gazebo build last year inspired me to start bringing the outdoors indoors and create a cohesive look throughout Wild Rose Country Home.

I want to inspire you to try something new and give you all of the sources for the boho-modern products I've incorporated throughout my master bedroom today. At the end of this post there will be a clickable list, but first check out this inspirational mood board from Wayfair that I used to get me inspired!




The gold touches are so pretty! It's like jewelry for your home. I plan to renovate the ensuite bathroom one day soon...

But that's a big renovation for another day. Let's get back to the dark side now...

Read on to see how I put my boho-modern look together in the Master!

Sourcing the MDF and designing the space is half the battle. My husband and I decided to create this boho-modern look by using 1x2 slats vertically, two feet apart with 1x6 baseboard and a cedar stained 1x2 ledge. The wall behind the bed is the blaccent wall, therefore we decided to paint the baseboard in advance as to protect the carpet as much as possible. Prestaining the ledge also helps a lot!

Here is the blank wall with all of the baseboards and casings removed. We started from the bottom and added in the baseboards first. Adding a plumb line helps you to know where to stop at the top.

It can be challenging to get everything level so be sure to constantly check your levels on each side for each piece you put up. After the slats are up, it's time to paint! I used Behr "Scrub-able" matte paint in the color, BLACK. It's truly an amazing black! No strange purple or blue undertones and doesn't look grey. I love it. For the rest of the room, I used my trusty go-to color, also by Behr called Bit of Sugar. This white, with a touch of cream color, is throughout the majority of my home including my kitchen cabinets. Hands down the best white in my opinion.

Are you ready to see the results......Drumroll please.... ddddddrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Tada!!!!!! Doesn't the black feel so cozy!/! Totally the opposite of what you'd think black would do. And, because we only painted one half wall as the "blaccent" in the room, it still feels light and airy but cozy at the same time. I'm hooked!!

There's so much I want to tell you about the details in the is master bedroom so let's GO! Everything will be linked at the end. They are affiliate links and I appreciate you all supporting my Amazon storefront. :-). I will never recommend something that I don't personally use or have tested the quality of, so you an rely on my choices, Homies!

Compare the little board and batten detail added to the wall now with the first photo above. It's so much more interesting! The boho curtains are made modern by adding the black blackout curtains to this double black curtain rod. Let me tell you, my life has CHANGED since adding in the blackout curtains. If you live in an area where the sun rises at 4am in the spring and summer then you have to get these.

In front are these adorable tasseled Aztec patterned drapes. The material is almost linen like and great quality. They have a slight off white look which I prefer to add against the black. Definitely add curtain rings on both curtains. Just fold over the top of the curtain and attach the clip. Super easy and you can do this with any curtain to adjust the length or hide those 90's style grommets ;).

Let's chat about bedding next...I have been using my new pom pom duvet set for a few weeks now. I have washed it on gentle, slept in it and it is amazing! So soft and has that wrinkled/but not too wrinkled look--you know what I mean? I also made my existing white fleece blanket boho-fab by adding some back tassels with gold safety pins. Super fast level-up and makes it easy to pop it into the wash by just removing them. Took me a minute to do. I love the modern look!

The throw pillows come in a set of four for a very reasonable price. They vary in textures and tones with one having a touch of cognac colored leather and black and white patterns to match the drapery.

I see you eyeing my sconces...and I don't blame you!! Oh my gosh eeeek! This is the most exciting part of the whole thing because I don't have any electrical going to the wall and they work! Let me tell you how I did it. No cords, no mess and so much fun.

When I took these out of the box I heard angels singing lol!! They are heavy, the perfect shade of brassy gold and such great quality -the shade is the perfection.

To add these electrical sconces to your wall, all you have to do is put them on the wall like you'd do normally without hooking up the electrical (tuck the wires into the unit in the back. Cut down the screws by a few millimeters (using the proper tool) and place a battery powered puck light inside.

Not all puck lights are the same quality. I tried a few different brands and the first few were cheaply made. The ones that I ended up using were great quality. They come with a couple of remotes (one for each side of the bed) and have a color change option which is absolutely divine!!

I have some artwork for above the bed which didn't make it on time for this blog post but I'd still like to show it to you all the same:

I think I'm only going to put the moon phase one up so it's much simpler and use the other prints somewhere else.

Let's chat about the other areas of the room, like the make up vanity. Ok, don't judge me, it looks a little messy, but I wanted to give you the real life everyday look. I tried to make it as organized as possible by adding a few clear organizers and getting some black and gold make up brushes to match. These organizers are just what i needed to keep my palettes, brushes, lip glosses, eyeliners and pencils neat and tidy. The brush set is so soft and I'm loving the sleek matte black handles with the gold ends. Nice and light in your hands too.

I got a black back-lit make up mirror with a touch dimmable natural light feature. The black box on the right end holds my make up wipes and it's super convenient and stylish.

This awesome sign is from William Rae designs. The black frame makes it fit perfectly there and reflects the black wall nicely.

We hid our cable box behind the tv using this cool Velcro system. Check out the link at the end and start covering up your boxes for that clean design.

The leather tissue box covers are super cute too!

I hope you guys enjoyed my new bedroom look! If you saw something you'd love for your home, be sure to check out the items in my amazon shop below.







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