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  • Jennifer Pike

Think Pink and Beyond!!

Valentine's Day is on Friday!! Are you ready to THINK PINK??? A lot of people don't celebrate and I understand that; however for myself, I always use holidays as an excuse to show my friends and family love and an excuse to celebrate. So, don't be afraid to get all lovey-dovey and do something warm or romantic for someone you love. A rose never killed no body :) just saying....

To be honest, I started thinking about decorating with pink way before valentine's decor--aka pinks and reds, appeared on the radar. I had been wondering if pink could be a sustainable color in the home with my ever changing seasonal decor change ups. I mean how could I make it work during fall or Christmas, for instance? I like a challenge, so I decided to jump in with both feet, full committing--and by committing I mean I purchased a new rug, artwork, sheet set, pillow and throws. So I gotta make this work, right lol!! So far everyone , including Archie, my grandson, loves it!!!

So here are a few photos of the pink touches I've added around the house. I really want to find ways to incorporate it into my design for the year. Are you with me?! This means possible pink pumpkins or rose gold Christmas decor!! I'm excited...let's see how it goes!

Loving the new rug!!! It's linked at the end.

Pink frames bring a cute little pop of color. From Homesense!!!

Get these pink pillar candles (linked below) for a fun non-scented romantic glow.

In the half bath I added these hand towels, soap dispenser and a sea shell....that is it!! Also from Homesense!!

The bedroom got this mini makeover with this beautiful sheets set from Homesense and the soft heart pillow and throw (also from Homesense).

I changed out my lamp shades for 11$ on clearance at Homesense!!!

This bird print is from Ikea!

I am so pleased with how it's all coming together! It's a welcome change for this cold Alberta winter. You can;t be upset around pink!!! lol

Here are a few items you can shop from my home:

Have a wonderful Valentines Homies!!! Be sure to check out my other valentine blogs from the past couple of years for more inspo including food and drink suggestions!!! Thank you for your support!! I'd love to hear your thoughts on Valentine's day below!! -Jenn xoxox Be sure to find me on instagram :)

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