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From Christmas to Winter: How to Bring the Outdoors in for the New Year.

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Happy New Year!! It's finally 2021...woohoo!! Last year was unrelenting, crazy, unbelievable, and OVER!! On to new and hopefully better things. This LETTERBOARD is exactly how I feel starting off the new year.

I saw this Game of Thrones meme yesterday and I'm praying that it's not going to be the case...because if it's possibly what could come in 2021, we had better hold on to our hats!!!

All of the highlighted word are links to products you can purchase through my affiliate links. Enjoy!

I'm sitting in my Jasper Lodge room in the Rocky mountains of Alberta writing to you now. Here's a few pics of my view:

There's something about the mountains and surrounding forests that I need to bring inside as décor each January. Here are some photos of the décor I added to Wild Rose Country Home before I left on Wednesday. I bet you are taking down your Christmas décor this weekend so let this fun blog post inspire you to add a few Alberta touches to your home this winter.

Here's a list of the winter elements you can ad to create that winter feel:


I love these versatile WOOD SLICE BOARDS

-Pine cones and trees

-Birch logs and snowflakes

This BLANKET LADDER is so fun and versatile! I bought one for my daughter for Christmas and she loves it.


-Textured throws and pillows: I love this sweater pillow cover!

-Lanterns with battery powered candles:

Add mini lights throughout the areas you want a glimmer of light and at night you'll get a warm sense of of a Scandinavian winter.

I love my COOKBOOK HOLDER made out of Bamboo on my counter top.

This amazing FAUX COWHIDE RUG has made such a difference in the style in our Livingroom.

We are loving our LG 4K OLED TV. The picture quality is far superior than any we have tried. Just incase you're in the market for a new TV I thought I would guide to the one that has the best picture viewing experience ever!

Cheers to a healthy and happier year ahead!! I have my fingers crossed and my eyes on God's faithfulness!! I have a foot surgery scheduled for the middle of January, so prayers would be much appreciated!! Thanks so much for being here and supporting my decorating hobby!! Love Jenn xoxo

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