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Easy DIY Sponge Accent Wall

Hi, Wild Rose Country Homies! I'm super excited to share this DIY sponge accent wall with you that my husband and I completed in our master bathroom in collaboration with Home Hardware.

What in the world is a sponge wall, you might ask? Great question. Back in the 90's sponge walls were all the rage. You used a round sea sponge and three or four different shades of color to create a muddled look on your walls....come on, fess up....who did it? It's ok, there's no judgement here ;). Times have definitely changed however, and there is a really cool technique out right now that is sweeping Instagram and Pinterest.

Interesting, right???!! Stay with looks really cool! Here's a little step by step tutorial on how I completed my wall and then the big reveal will be at the end.

These are the products I used for the sponge wall which you can pick up at your local Home Hardware store. There is a link HERE to their website with all of the products I used. They organized it all for easy shopping for you!!

I chose the Beauti-Tone Designer Series color 'Light as a Feather' , but honestly, any color would be perfect! Dab your blue sponge into the paint in your paint pan and do a few test stamps on a sheet of paper to see if you like the image. You want it to look somewhat faded too.

Wall prep is next. I started by taping out the sections I was planning to paint from the ceiling to the floor (or wherever you plan to stop).

Make sure your tape is level top to bottom. If you start off right with good level markers then you reduce errors later with uneven patterns.

Then repeat the process until your wall is all taped up.

With the leveler, go across each piece of tape and draw a line. This is what you will use as a marker when placing your sponge down each time. Mine were 2.5 inches apart.

I have some play by play videos that I am unable to post here (because of the parameters of Wix), so if you'd like to see live video, head over to my Instagram HERE.

Drumroll Please....dddddddddddddddrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Here's the BEFORE (messy bed and all):

AND AFTER!!!!!! TA-DA!!!!!!

CUTE EH!!!!???? Not bad for a days work.

It took us a day to do and changed everything in the feel of the bathroom. I chose to go with this herringbone pattern, but the sky is the limit when choosing a design. You can see that in the inspo below.

A big thanks to Home Hardware for the supplies to create this awesome space. And a HUGE thank you to my wonderful hand model, aka: my husband, Ken. I couldn't do projects without him. muah!

Don't forget...Click the links on my home page to visit me on my social media platforms. Before I go, check out my inspo below....


Here are a few fellow Instagrammers with sponge walls that I love!

Click on their handles to visit their Instagram accounts too!

1- This a new-to- me fellow Canadian account and I am all in. I love Rachel's approach with the wider and closer pattern. She paved the way for this DIY apparently!!! Awesome stuff!!!

2- Jess is amazing and does a whole wall like this is an hour! wow!! Free handing it like a pro. #goals.... Check out this awesome space!!

3- Deema is a DIY queen! I love the black soooo much. Heart EYES!!! She is super funny'll love her! Follow her....she's so fun.

4-Julie and Jodie are some of my IG besties since day one! Please follow them on IG and check out their blog post HERE. You won't regret it!! I love the free hand brush pattern Jodie did in Julie's half bath!!

5-I saw Rebecca's bathroom on IG yesterday!!! We have similar tastes in pattern I see! hahah Great minds think alike ;) Looks awesome with the darker tone.

You can see that this DIY makes it look like you've added wallpaper when you haven't! Home made wall paper...who knew!! So fun and simple. I am sure this is going to become an easy DIY trend, so jump on board and tag me in your social media posts when you do!!!

That is the end of this fun sponge wall adventure....for now, wink wink. I bet I'll have the itch to do it again somewhere else.

Enjoy your week Homies and I'll see you here again next time. -Jenn xoxoxo


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