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A Hallmark Christmas Home: The Kitchen and Family Room

Welcome to part two of my three part series showcasing my Hallmark Christmas Home I've created for the holidays. This part is going to be so exciting because it features one of my favourite parts of the fact it's the heart of the home: the kitchen and family room. Take a moment for a happy sigh and think about all of the memories you've had in these rooms of your own over the years. Doesn't that feel good?

Well, sit back with a cup of your favourite hot cider and take a little stroll through Wild Rose Country Home's Hallmark inspired kitchen and family room photos for Christmas:

This is my grandson, William seeing the tree for the first time :) Isn't he the cutest!! PS- My second grandson Archer was born on Black Friday almost two weeks ago now! I'm sure he will be looking at this tree in the same way next year. I can't wait!

The Hallmark Christmas Kitchen

Let's start off with the inspiration. With white cabinets, you have to have a pop of somethings bold, right?!? I found these berry wreaths at the Dollarama (Is it Dollarama or The Dollarama haha??). I knew they would pair perfectly with some candy cane style ribbon.

It's super easy to hang them. I just looped the ribbon up and around the top behind the door and secured with a little green fog tape. They haven't moved in over a month. I'm going to be giving a tutorial soon om my Instagram stories. Check that out soon!

I tied plaid ribbon anywhere I could ;)

You can even pop some red into your utensil canister by grabbing a few red serving spoons and a can from Dollarama.

Cute straws are a must! They are linked on my amazon home front store here:

And now a little twilight version of the kitchen. Did you see my live home tour on Instagram? If you head over and click on my Christmas highlight on my profile it will be in there.

This area comes alive in the evening. We all love it!

The Hallmark Christmas Family Room

The garland over the tv/fireplace sold everything to me the moment it went up. I may leave it there for the winter actually...and the skis (instead of oars) of course!! Hope you enjoy the family area!

I think I am going to change out my drapes every Christmas. This plaid set made such a huge impact!

Tis the season to be got that right!! It's -30 right now.

I won that wonderful fluffy red blanket at my husband's Christmas party two years ago and I still love it!!

Poinsettia pillow is super fun and whimsical. So is our Elf, Sparkle hanging from the artwork. haha

I love my Merry Christmas sign from Maralee at Willow and Grow.

Can't have Christmas without Charlie Brown.

Don't you love going to people's home and looking at their Christmas ornaments. Here are a few of my favorite's including the copper pot and spoon, ceramic Alberta and that knit sweater!!!! So cute!!!

Here's a little twilight look.

I hope you guys enjoyed part two of my Hallmark Christmas home series! Next week (or two), come back for the last installment: my front entry with the grand tree, a Hawaiian twist guest bath and cozy Master bedroom. Yay! If you have any questions about where to find certain products please ask me. Thanks for all the support and love Homies!! See you next time. -Jenn xoxoxo

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