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Very Navy: A Nautical Summer Bedroom Look

What's better than navy nautical decor in the summer months--especially in the bedroom!? Nothing, in my opinion. Well, I'm kind of lying...I am also a HUGE fan of Hawaiian decor as well in the summer. Hawaii stole my heart when I visited in 2016 and I am determined to decorate a space in full Hawaiian style one day, BUT, for the sake of today's post, I am fully on board the navy boat, paddling towards summer island. Grab a glass of your favorite cruising drink and AHOY MATEYS!


My jumping off point for this fun summer look was this amazing wooden ship I found at a garage sale. The navy blue trim, the warm cognac wood and the white linen sails are the perfect combination for me. I pretty much decorate every space with these few rules: white, wood and a drop of color.

On the side table, I added a nautical bobble, (which is normally used to hold back curtains), some coral my husband found in the ocean, and a photo of a body of water we would love to kayak on: Lake Louise.

The second piece I purchased to add to this amazing nautical room was this cool shiplap boat-shaped tray with jute handles. It's made of real wood with distressed details. So perfect to have on your bed to sit that coffee cup on and your favorite magazine for example.

Look at the shiplap up close! Isn't it divine?!

For today's post I decided to shop my house for pieces that would inspire that nautical feel: a salt rock candle holder, birch wood, another bobble, and for some pretty: peonies in a glass jar.


I bet you've already been spying the awesome marble-look throw pillows in the background! It's really hard to capture, but there are cool silver veins flowing throughout the pillows to give that little bit of sparkle. Almost like when the sun beams down and starts shining on water.

The gorgeous patterned pillows in the background tie in really well to the tray and the bench I have at the foot of the bed. You may be afraid to mix patterns in any given space, but as you can see the pattern in the back is almost like a solid so it works in this scenario.

Another must have for any bedroom space are throw blankets. I had this nautical rope patterned throw from Homesense, so I layered it with a plaid throw from Chapters Indigo. You can use two blankets to make one fuller looking blanket if you're throw doesn't give you that feel you're looking for.


My drift wood lamp fits in great in this space! I added a navy bottle, which looks like one of those "message in a bottle" ones and some wild flowers that look like they came from the banks of the a river.

I also added a hydrangea stem above the headboard. I always like to add something above the headboard when I decorate. I feel like it adds the finishing touch to any decor scheme.


I wanted to show you some additional ideas that you could do with the nautical pieces around the other parts of the bedroom. By moving a few pieces around, you can choose where you'd prefer the pieces to go.

Here I have the ship on a shelf, the marble lumbar pillow and plaid throw on the side chair and the bobble on the dresser.

I also have a coffee bar opposite my bed. I changed the boat tray, bobble and flowers to that area. I love the feel it gives my coffee bar now! I think I may keep these items here ;)

Thanks so much for coming along for the my nautical boat ride. I hope you feel a little more inspired to create your own nautical vibes somewhere around your own home this summer. Have a great day friends and thank you for your continued support here and on Instagram and Facebook.

Jenn xoxoxo

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