• Jennifer Pike

Very Navy: A Nautical Summer Bedroom Look

What's better than navy nautical decor in the summer months--especially in the bedroom!? Nothing, in my opinion. Well, I'm kind of lying...I am also a HUGE fan of Hawaiian decor as well in the summer. Hawaii stole my heart when I visited in 2016 and I am determined to decorate a space in full Hawaiian style one day, BUT, for the sake of today's post, I am fully on board the navy boat, paddling towards summer island. Grab a glass of your favorite cruising drink and AHOY MATEYS!


My jumping off point for this fun summer look was this amazing wooden ship I found at a garage sale. The navy blue trim, the warm cognac wood and the white linen sails are the perfect combination for me. I pretty much decorate every space with these few rules: white, wood and a drop of color.