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Woodland Theme Baby Shower: Decor Tips and Tricks

The key to the best Woodland-themed baby shower in my opinion, is a ton of tips and tricks from those who have "been there and done that". I am going to give you eight easy tips and tricks that will help you enjoy the party and not be run off of your feet even before the guests arrive.

My daughter and her husband are having a baby boy in a few weeks and we threw them a cute baby shower. Woodland theme seemed quite popular and there were a lot of items I could get online through Amazon (you can shop my links directly when the word is underlined and bold). These onesiesin the banner I made came in a club pack! They are awesome to make a banner with and then the baby mama can keep them afterwards. The burlap OH BOY banner is from Amazon :)

Yup! I'd be excited too! Isn't she beautiful?!

TIP OR TRICK 1- Buy pre-made cupcakes

If you want to make your life a lot easier, buy cupcakes someone else made. Then if you feel like adding your own personal touch to the cupcake, add a home made edible acorn!

All you need is: a Hershey's kiss, a vanilla melting wafer and a butterscotch or peanut butter chip. Assemble with some vanilla frosting as the glue and place on top of your store bought cupcakes! I can't tell you how many people adored these mini cupcakes. I also bought gluten free cupcakes and omitted the acorn due to cross contamination issues. I got all of our supplies for the acorns from Bulk Barn.

TIP AND TRICK 2- Check the Dollar store

You'd be surprised at how much stuff they could have! These two pictures of my daughter and her husband as babies are inside a wood dollar store frame! jackpot!!! The little wooden owl, birds, tin pail, and fox were all from the dollar store. I love saving a few dollars.

TIP AND TRICK 3- Buy ready made food and serve it on wood dishes

I ordered all the food through Superstore click and collect. What could be easier!? I ordered a fruit and veggie tray, a meat tray, cheese and pepperoni tray, chips, pretzels, truffles, crackers and mini donuts. When I got home I served them on live edge wooden trays or silver platters. I scored this awesome bowl from Homesense as well as all of the wood platters. Silver trays are from garage sales.

TIP AND TRICK 5-Set everything up the night before

Set it all up and then add the food the day of the party. The set up takes a lot of time and you don't want to be running around like mad trying to figure where everything should go. Ha ha! There's nothing worse!

Day of, you'll know exactly where each food item should go. The mini wood name tag holders are from Amazon :). The green garland is from Michaels.

TIP AND TRICK 6- Have easy drinking options

For the drinks, I made a glass canister of iced mint & cucumber water, added some San Pellegrino cans and wood look paper straws and dispenser also from Amazon.

TIP AND TRICK 7- Something to break the ice

Too bad there weren't enough fun things to do for the few men who were there (just my two sons in law and my hubby lol). Just kidding :)

When guests arrive have something for them to do. I gave out these cute cards from Amazon to write down their baby predictions. It helps keep them occupied and cuts through that sometimes awkward ice breaking time.

TIP AND TRICK 8- Have a little something special for the baby mama

We got a mini cheesecake for my daughter from the local bakery, On The Border Bakery. It's her favourite and this made her feel very special. I also purchased gift certificates from them as prizes for the guests. The wood cake stand is from Homesense.

That's all the wisdom I have for today! I hope you were inspired by my tips and tricks! These can be taken into account for any type of party you are planning. Because lets be honest, they are a TON of work. I spend at least 30-40 hours planning and shopping, setting up and tearing down parties. Any way I can cut little corners here and there is a win in my books! Have a great week you guys! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and look at my photos. Check out my Instagram for more inspo! - Jenn xoxoxox

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