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A Valentine's Day Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed for Valentine's Day? You had me at HELLO. The question is, who is going to be the one to make it? You or your loved one? hehehe :-)

Welcome to our Valentine's Blog Hop! I hope you will check out the other amazing ladies and their ideas at the end of my post.

If you are coming over from Jennifer's beautiful website, Happy Home on Highbridge, then I'm sure you were enthralled by all of the colorful details in her Valentine's decor at her GORGEOUS country side estate. You HAVE to see her home on Instagram!!!

Sit back in that comfy seat, grab a cup of coffee and let's talk about two of my favourite subjects: decor and food :). Although, I have to be honest...I've been eating a strict Paleo diet since November 1st 2018, and I've lost almost 20 pounds! So I'm not sure if i'll cheat or not, but we'll see ;)

Last year I created a romantic date night with spaghetti & meatballs, red wine and and a sensual dessert of chocolate covered strawberries. I'll link that blog post here if that's more of what you were looking for.

If you're not in the mood for an evening date you may be excited to try this as an alternative. How about a morning date? Great idea, right? Doesn't breakfast in bed with fluffy waffles, topped with mounds of strawberries & cream with mimosas sound like the perfect morning treat?

I got the recipe for the waffles on . I always use gluten free recipes in our house, since I have celiac. These ones are to die for! You'll have to check it out and make them, and you'll never know the difference! :)

Mimosa's are super simple to make because they are just half orange juice and half champagne, but you probably new that. I love these drinks for a special breakfast. Especially when I go away on vacation. You can substitute any juice you want! I've tried it with cranberry, peach and pineapple....YUM! Add a little cherry, sliced orange and fun straw and you have the perfect pick me up for your morning date.

This would be great to do with the kids too! Simply add some ginger ale, or Sprite instead. I served the drink in these adorable Rae Dunn champagne flutes that say, "Sip & Savor". Perfect choice of words to describe the morning together.

I chose strawberries for obvious Valentine color coordinating reasons, but honestly you can use any fruit you like. Raspberries and blueberries would be a great mix! For the cream, I used the ready made whipped cream in an aerosol can...I'm sorry...I know that's a bit tacky (true cop out I know), but it honestly tastes just the same as homemade. So why not?

Let's talk decor :) I get soooooo excited when a bedroom set up happens like this one. The only new item I purchased is the Valentine's banner from Homesense. Everything else I had in my decor storage room. The decor pieces are either from Christmas or Canada Day (two very prominently red holidays for us typically). I LOVE reusing my decor.

The cute burlap wrapped gingham pillow was a gift from my daughter who makes homemade pillows of her own designs. You have to check out her Instagram here @teah_nicole_krieger

I have a couple of her pillows and love her creativity!

This cute XOXO is from Michael's last season. I borrowed it from my office for this picture. If you'd like to see my office renovation, I have a highlighted tab on my Instagram profile here.

A book, candles, and some flowers go a long way to cheer up any space. I though a vintage edition of The Scarlet Letter would be intriguing ;) plus it's the right color!

That's the end of the tour! Thanks for stopping by for my Valentine's breakfast in bed! You have no idea how much your support means to me. Please subscribe to my monthly blog emails if you would? I always have fun ideas for your home and they are only once a month, so I won't be a constant bother in your inbox ;). Remember that you can always find me on Instagram too.

Now, we would love it if you would continue our blog hop with Ann at this clickable link here: . Her home is nestled in the serene mountains of Vermont and she has the sweetest Bernese mountain dog, Ella! Ann loves vintage finds and her original design style is breathtaking. Pop on over to see her Valentine's ideas......and have a great Valentine's day everyone!!!!February 14th is only three weeks away!!! :0

These are the other websites above, just in case you missed them! Have a great read today! -Jenn xoxoxoxoxo

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