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  • Jennifer Pike

A Fall Home Tour at Wild Rose Country Home

Fall has arrived at Wild Rose Country Home...even if the calendar says it's still summer. Actually, it's saying it could snow later on this week. Secretly, I wish I was still basking in those warm sunny days. Anyone who knows me KNOWS I am the biggest fan of all things summer.

Call me Olaf if you must...I'm smitten with SUUUUUUMMEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR!!!

Alright, so now that I've left my grieving heart on my sleeve, I am 99% ready to embrace all things fall. To get us all excited for the season, let me list my top five favourite fall things:

1- Pumpkin spice everything (of course!).

2- Walking on forest trails on a sunny mild day (15-20c degrees preferably)-- looking at the beautiful foliage and hearing the crunching leaves beneath my feet.

3- Scarves! Big, bulky, plaid, soft, woolly scarves!

4- My Birthday! Yup! This Wild Rose Country Homie is an October baby and it's the prettiest time of year (unless it snows...then it's very sad).

5- Halloween is around the corner! This is when I start planning my couple costume with my hubby. It's an annual tradition and a big deal around here.

So, sit back, grab a cup of tea, coffee or wine and let's take a tour through Wild Rose Country Home this fall!

Fall Inspiration

I took all of my fall decor out of storage and instantly connected with my faux mum plant. I knew in moment that these were the colors I wanted to decorated around this year: Saffron, Amber, Merlot, Burnt Orange and Caramel. You'll see some of these colors in every area I decorated --- with slight variations.

Fall Decor in the Living Room

I'm in love with how warm the space feels with these colors. You don't have to overdo it when it comes to fall decor. Simply adding baskets, cozy textured pillows, salt rock lights, wood or copper/gold toned items makes the space cozy and inviting. I shopped my house for a lot of pieces here. If you haven't shopped your home, I highly recommend it! It saves a ton of money and also gives you a chance to use an item in a new way. Can I tell you a secret? That plaid throw is actually the table cloth that I used last year in my fall decor!

Isn't that squirrel pillow the cutest!!?? This is one of my biggest storage saving tips: buy pillow covers instead of throw pillows themselves. That way you can switch out your pillows each season without having a linen closet filled to the brim with pillows you used one time. Some of these gorgeous pillow covers are from Chapters Indigo and I highly recommend them! The fur one is so soft!!!!!

I'm not sure if you can get the "hygge" (a Danish practice which brings a quality of coziness and a feeling of contentment ) feelings here that I am trying to create. This cozy nook brings so many cozy fall vibes through the salt rock lamp, the vase full of dried reeds and the wicker basket. At night, I light the salt rock candle, flick on the lamp and some soft Jazz music and life is good. :)

Surrounding yourself with words and phrases that bring that fall feeling of thankfulness is a great way to decorate for Autumn. I got this at the end of last season on clearance! This is such a fun way to shop for the next year.

Fall Decor in the Dining Area

The family table is the hub of the home. Where you will gather with friends and family, where you will eat, talk and enjoy lots of yummy food---where you will spend a majority of your time. It's a beautiful place to add some fall touches. In this area, I added a touch of vibrant red to the color scheme. I was excited to reuse the florals I had outside on my front porch this summer. The colors seem to fit right in to a fall decor scheme in the dining room!

I bought these over-sized mason jars at a garage sale this past summer and knew that I would use them in the fall decor. The funny thing is, my family loves my decor, but its right at eye level when we sit down to eat,,, haha!! These are the hazards of home decor. Oh well, I just move them out of the way and all is right with the world again ;). Here the wood tones, the wheat, the brass and the hit of color helps me feel happy during this transition from summer to fall. We still have the the oranges and the yellows, but adding in the red brings it to life.

I went very simple with my tablescape this season. I laid out a simple gold rimmed glass, gold cutlery, a beautiful white porcelain dish set and a napkin with a gorgeous fall print in gold


This simple tablescape isn't going to blow you away at first glance like some of the other ones I've done, but I think there is something elegant about it. This simplicity mixed with family style eating shows you don't have to overdo it to make it look appealing and inviting. The best part is, it's all being used again from different events last year. Do you recognize the ruffled linen table runner and the glasses from my Valentine's Date Night post last February?

Fall Decor in the Kitchen

I hope you're still with me and are enjoying all of the photos and styling around my Wild Rose Country Home! Grab another sip of coffee (or wine) because we are heading into the kitchen! I repainted my cabinets this past summer and it's made such a huge difference in brightness. Check out that blog post here.

If you sit at my kitchen island, you're more than likely going to be served a drink or two. I think Moscow Mules in these beautiful copper mugs are the perfect way to feel warm and fuzzy inside during the cool fall months.