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  • Jennifer Pike

Antique Dresser Refresh and Peel & Stick Wallpaper

This was a really fun project for me :) I had been wanting to try painting with chalk paint for some time and this was the perfect piece to try it on. I also wanted to put up wallpaper on one wall in our master bedroom, so I decided to go with the peel and stick kind.

This is how the dresser and wall looked before the project:

Not too exciting, really. It definitely needed an uplift.

Here's how I painted the dresser: Start by removing the knobs on the antique dresser.

These knobs were not part of the original dresser and one was broken, so I decided to replace them with an antique-look brass knob which can be found here.

There is no need to prime or anything. This Rustoleum chalk paint goes on just like that. It's wonderful! It does need a good stir however.

I started off with a brush but then switched to a mini microfiber roller because it left less stroke marks.

Place a mat or a drop cloth under the dresser. I used a door old door mat and when I was finished the project I threw the mat in the laundry and all of the chalk paint came right out.

Two coats was all it needed. Follow the can for drying times. I tried sealing it with a matte poly acrylic, but I found it to be too streaky and it really darkened the paint. So I wouldn't recommend that. Maybe try a wax or use the sealant that goes along with their paints-- that may work well. Because it's a dresser, I didn't feel like I had to seal it. Plus I really like the matte look.

Here it is all painted up! Now let's make it even nicer by putting up peel and stick wallpaper!!

This is the pattern I chose. It's a really fun forest and bird theme by NUWALLPAPER which you can purchase here. Super fun for a french country look.

Using a plumb line, create a straight vertical line by measuring the width of your paper across and then plumbing down the wall. This way your pattern will be guaranteed to be straight. If the first piece is good and straight then the rest of your pieces should follow.

Leave an inch or two at the top and cut the excess with an exacto knife when the piece is fitted to the wall and all the bubbles are forced out with a wallpaper smoother.

Do the same at the bottom of the wall.

Keep going with each piece, matching up the pattern and slightly overlapping about 1mm. Then smooth out and cut.

The last corner piece is a little bit more tricky, but if you have an extra set of hands and some patience it will all be over in a jiffy.

I think it turned out great! It only took 2.5 rolls for this wall and about 3 hours to complete.

The brass knobs are so much better!

It is such a cozy corner now. I love sitting there with a good book and admiring the wallpaper. If you haven't tried chalk paint or peel and stick then I say go for it! There are many color selections and lots of fun patterns. If you want to see a video of my step by step process, I have it uploaded to my highlights on Instagram.

I hope you enjoyed this process with me and I'd love to see you over on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook (Links on my home page)! Have a great weekend friends!


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