• Jennifer Pike

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift: Fragrance for her Home

It's two and a half weeks until Mother's Day!!!! Don't panic....all you have to do is grab that Hallmark card and no worries my friends...I have just the thing you can whip up in no time for your mom. Spruce up her home decor with this all natural DIY room spray! It only has three ingredients and any age will love putting this DIY together for her or even grandma for Mother's Day! Either is sure to love it, I guarantee it. What good is a beautiful decorated room without a beautiful scent running throughout it? One of my pet peeves is walking into my home and smelling something awful!

I'm sure you've thought that buying room sprays from the grocery store are easy enough, but they are also filled with a host of chemicals and ingredients I'm sure you wouldn't necessarily want in yours or your mom's home. I was diagnosed with estrogen dominance a couple years ago, and little changes like this can go a long way! I've been on a journey to try and create as much of a chemical free home as I can. It's not always easy, but I found that this particular switch from my usual grocery store brand, like Febreeze, to all natural was very simple.

Start out by purchasing a stainless or glass reusable container with a built in spray nozzle. I like using stainless or glass because it's better for the estrogen dominance battle I'm fighting. Plastics carry chemicals, so I personally stay away from them when possible. I got this one from a local health food store, but they have some here on amazon.ca that work just as well. I like smaller bottles too because they are great for travel or to leave in smaller rooms.