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A Spring Bedroom Uplift for Under $100!

Who wants SPRING!!!???? I do! I do! I know I speak for most Canadians (and a lot more of you around the northern parts of the planet) when I say, "OK winter, we are soooooo over you!". I think the temperatures in Lloydminster are trying to climb little by little. We are still hovering around -1 Celsius each day and -10 at night which still seems like ten degrees below the average, in my opinion. The ice and snow melt a little - teasing us into thinking 20 degrees is around the corner....but we will not see that for a while. In fact another snowstorm is on the way this weekend! Cue my letdown face :(. We have had one of the coldest winters in Alberta; my heating bill could prove that! So, needless to say, that my need for inspirational green and floral decor is at an extreme high. If Mother Nature won't show me what I want out my window, then I'm going to bring it inside!


Start out by asking yourself what the spring season means to you. To me, spring means: florals, sun, greenery, gardens, bugs, rain, clouds, mud, and birds-to name a few. Now, I am certainly not going to decorate my home with mud and bugs, but if that's your thing, go for it! I chose to go with a floral theme adding in coastal and English garden accents. Let me break it down for you piece by piece.

These are some of the flowers I selected: daffodils, hydrangeas, eucalyptus, wild flowers and assorted tones of blush roses. All are faux except for the mini daffodils. I think you could totally add any flower of your choice. These just so happened to be the ones I selected that looked very real in the stores on those specific days. Tulips are also great spring flowers that go well with everything.

The bright yellow mini daffodils are from Real Canadian Superstore for $10.

The wildflowers are from Michaels. I got them for 50% off for $7.

The assorted blush roses in a bottle vase are from Homesense Canada for $9.

The sage colored eucalyptus is from IKEA: SMYCKA for $6.99 each.

The beautiful hydrangea is from Homesense for $6. Doesn't it look real?!


I knew that I wanted to add an English garden feel but I didn't want it to be too overwhelming. There's nothing more annoying to me than too much floral pattern everywhere! It starts to look like my grandma's house, if you know what I mean ;). These gorgeous pillows from Real Canadian Superstore were perfect! The white pillows with the wooden buttons bring charm and softness while the garden pattern pillow has just enough pattern to bring the sweet feels without it becoming too much.

The white pillows were 2/$30 each and the smaller garden pillow was $19. Such a great deal!

Here's the bed before I added the decorative pillows:

Here it is after :)

I also added a cozy white blanket I bought at Christmas to add a bit of texture and softness. It's so soft you guys!


This is the part I like best: the decor part! All of the background has been set, so you can have a little fun figuring out where to place your florals and borrow a few items from around your house to set the stage. Isn't shopping your house the best!?! I found a darling tea cup and saucer with rose gold polka dots, a copper tray that I found at a thrift store, a beautiful conch shell also from the thrift store, cute bird cage mini lights I got last summer, some Himalayan salt rock tea light holders, a red-eyed loon bird, and another fun flower pot I had hanging in my bedroom from IKEA. I think they are white posies.


There you have it! Look at how simple, inexpensive and easy it can be to bring your bedroom into the spring season with a bang! This is why I keep the tones in my room at a neutral base. I love to decorate for each season differently and give myself an outlet to change things up a bit. If I had drastic colors in the room, then I couldn't easily switch out things like pillows and blankets seasonally.

This emerald bench from Homesense Canada is one of my favorite pieces in my home. I still consider it a neutral because it is the color of plants; and plants can be displayed in any season, anytime. I know that I can incorporate this bench to match spring, summer, fall and winter/Christmas decor. You can check out my previous Christmas makeover by clicking here and my Fall uplift here.

This headboard is from Wayfair: Palatine Upholstered Wing-back Headboard by Three Posts. It doesn't look like they sell my exact one anymore, but there are many other headboards by this same company that are very similar here.

The duvet and bedding are from Walmart and the sheets are ticking stripe style 100% cotton from Bed Bath and Beyond.


The final tally comes out to at $99.73 CAD (I'm sure my US friends will be able to do this for half of that). Some last minute tips: Shop at Michael's on their 55% off coupon days or when items go on sale for two for one. Buy clearance pillows at the end of each season for the following year (if you can get nice patterns) and look for pieces that can be used in any season. I can probably use these pillows with the button in any room within any season. Imagine them in the fall with some burlap pillows! Or at Christmas with a ruby reds or icy blues! This way your dollar can go a long way.

Thanks for reading about my spring bedroom uplift! I hope I have inspired you to bring some spring into your home this year. I'd love to see it! Please take a moment to comment and also check me out on Instagram. Have a wonderful spring season!

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