• Jennifer Pike

A Spring Bedroom Uplift for Under $100!

Who wants SPRING!!!???? I do! I do! I know I speak for most Canadians (and a lot more of you around the northern parts of the planet) when I say, "OK winter, we are soooooo over you!". I think the temperatures in Lloydminster are trying to climb little by little. We are still hovering around -1 Celsius each day and -10 at night which still seems like ten degrees below the average, in my opinion. The ice and snow melt a little - teasing us into thinking 20 degrees is around the corner....but we will not see that for a while. In fact another snowstorm is on the way this weekend! Cue my letdown face :(. We have had one of the coldest winters in Alberta; my heating bill could prove that! So, needless to say, that my need for inspirational green and floral decor is at an extreme high. If Mother Nature won't show me what I want out my window, then I'm going to bring it inside!