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Decorating a fabulous fall front porch in 5 easy steps

Are you often intimidated by the task of decorating? Do you look at magazines, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram and think, "I could never do that!"? Decorating your front porch for the fall season, or any season for that matter, does not have to be an intimidating task, whatsoever. There are many ways to get that magazine look without braking the bank or your back. It can be a fun and even therapeutic time to hone in your creativity and give you the "me" time you deserve. Even if you can't get away on your own, getting the kids to help would be such a good opportunity for a little mommy and kid time. The first step is always having a positive attitude and believing in yourself. I would love to give you all of my best tips and tricks to help you get that look you want to wow all of your friends, family and even your mailman! I'm here to give you that boost of confidence and support. Feel free to ask me questions or comment anytime if you ever need anything at all!

STEP ONE: Assess Your Area

What do you have to work with? You can't change where you live, so you'll need to assess your area and get to know what it will need. Is it a balcony, a ground floor walk-out, a wrap around porch, a staircase assent with or without a landing, etc....Does the wind tend to be gusty on that side of your home? Does it have a roof covering? Is it close to the sidewalk or further back in on your property? Is it more private or public? Once you determine how your decor needs to function for your particular needs then you're ready to shop. If you have an outdoor porch with no covering above it, your decor will greatly differ from that home with a covered space. Look at the coloring of your area? What color is your door? What is your floor made of? What color is your siding? Do you have trees or planters nearby? All of this comes into play when choosing a color palette. My door is a cognac color, so I decided to go with a color palette that would compliment that.

STEP TWO: Create a Vision

Now that you have an idea about your parameters and your space, it's time to start researching what kind of decor you'd like this year? Depending on where you live, your decor will have a different flavor. Ask yourself, do you want to be classy, trendy, nouveau, eclectic or traditional? What will you use as your main color? What will be your accent colors? Searching through hashtags like #myfallporch or #seasonalfrontporch, for example will help you see what's out there this season. Searching on Pinterest for blogs (like mine) will give you tons of inspo. Once you've decided the feel of the decor and you've assessed your area, it's time to shop! Everyone's favorite part. :) Next up, I am going to show you how to shop your house to save money.

STEP THREE: Shop Your House

Shopping from your own house or property is so much fun! What do you have around? Check your yard for hidden treasures like leaves, pine cones, branches, corn husks, hay, sunflowers, sticks, acorns, rocks, barn wood, chicken wire, tin buckets, firewood, wicker furniture, old window frames, wheel barrel, empty flower pots or even garden veggies like pumpkins, gourds and squash. Now that you've gathered your outside decor, try looking around the inside of your home for items like: kitchen towels with fall themes, artificial flowers or twigs, baskets, rugs, old rustic chairs, signs, blankets, natural fiber brooms, mason jars, serving trays or even pillows.

STEP FOUR: Make a Plan

This is the time to rummage through the old attic or garage and find your fall decor from last year. Once you've dug out all of your decorations from seasons past and you've shopped your house, you will start your plan. Look back at those photos you've admired and make a list. If you've found a lot of items in your home then really you'll only have a few item to get. Usually mine ends up being pumpkins, hay and wood. Once you've made your list decide on which stores you will purchase from. Online shopping is great if you are patient haha, but if you're anything like me you want it away. Make a list of stores and what you think you'll find at each and head out. Honestly, I love Homesense, Michael's and my local small business store, but the Dollar type stores always offer great decor items! Remember, If you have an Instagram account, take your followers with you as you shop in your stories. Us Instagrammers love seeing our favorite accounts go shopping. If you forget, no worries, you can still live video your purchases on IG as you take them out of the bags! Isn't it fun to show off your finds??!! I know it is for me. Now, finally... check your weather report, and head on out there!

STEP FIVE: Decorating Time

This is where your creativity will shine. Have your inspirational online decor at hand so you can remember the look you want. Analyse the photos that inspire you, but put your own spin on the staging. Remember, you don't want to full out copy other people's decor because that takes the fun out of creating your own look. If someone has placed a pumpkin on a chair, you can say to yourself, "What else do I have that could go on that chair?". That way you give yourself the opportunity to shine your own way. People will notice your new innovative ideas and praise you for that, "What a great idea, Jenn!", "I would have never thought of doing it like that Sharon!", "How beautiful and original Hannah!". This will make you feel good about your work and build you up, rightly so :) You've put your heart and soul into this! Don't forget to take lots of pictures at many angles. Who knows, maybe you'll be the next big inspiration for someone online.

How do you feel now? Still feeling intimidated or overwhelmed? Don't be! It's a learning process and nobody does it perfectly. Not even the professionals. You know why? Because it's art! Only you can determine how you need to grow and what you've accomplished. You just have to take those courageous steps and simply try your best.

If you're feeling empowered then, Yay, I’ve done my job! I hope I gave you some easy step by step ways to take on a creative decor role in your life.

Have a great day everyone! Come see me on Instagram if you have a second!-Jenn

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