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My Design Philosophy: come take a look at my master suite

I have always loved decorating and writing. I started my Instagram journey in September I never thought I would have so much fun doing what I love. I’m excited to start this new journey today and share with my readers all of the design and decor in my life. This couldn't have come at a more perfect time, because I had to quit my full time job due to illness. This creativity has brought life back into my soul!

I just took this sun-shiny picture this morning in my bedroom. You would never believe that it was top to bottom dusty rose! We purchased this lovely 2012, 2000 sq ft home in April 2017 but it needed A LOT of lipstick, if you know what I mean. The bones were there but boy oh boy, this young lady was wearing clothes way too old for her age. She needed a major make over! Stay tuned for all of the great posts and pics. Check out my Instagram for tons of inspo. My followers are like family to me :)

My goal for this bedroom was neutral, neutral, NEUTRAL. I wanted bright white with warm tones of wood paired with soft gray tones. I often find that gray is so cold, but I love the color. By pairing it with warm medium tones of wood, it makes the gray feel cozy and not so much like stone. This beautiful tufted wing-back headboard is from Wayfair. it is linen so the fabric feels great!

The tufted white duvet cover, dark gray throw, woodland lamps and diamond patterned body pillow are all from Walmart believe it or not! mirrored wood side tables (which way a thousand pounds!) are from Homesense Canada. The striped 1920's inspired cotton sheet set is from Bed Bath and Beyond.

This little reading nook has the cutest chair! I loved the fact that it matched my lamps so well. Standing beside it, is this over-sized 7 ft tall mirror that is gilded around the edges with silver glass pieces. Both of these were purchased on Clearance at Homesense Canada

As you can see my style is different. If I like it I buy it. Too many people buy pieces of furniture or patterns of fabrics that "match" spaces simply because of that. They get it home, put it on their wall or floor, and if you ask them, "Do you actually LIKE that area rug pattern", or "Do you actually LOVE that chair shape and fabric?" most of the time they say "Not really but I needed a burgundy colored rug" or "That was the only chair with green accent in it at the furniture store." STOP. Just stop. I'm a firm believer that when you buy things you love it will all work out in the end.

Your decor may end up looking slightly eclectic or blended when you get what you love...but that's OK. I actually don't like some forms of chippy painted furniture. So why would I go and buy a chippy painted dresser or headboard when I don't really like it. Just to fit in to the farmhouse community? Just to fit in with a style of decor? Nope, that's not me. I buy what I love and in the end it all works together :)

This dresser is a great example of me resisting the chippy paint craze. I need that contrast...I know many wanted me to chippy paint that up all in white, but I can't do it. I love my vintage wood look just the way it is! I changed the knobs like 10 years ago to the crystal look ones and it's cute to me. Lastly, I got my hubby to change out the ceiling light to this super cute blotchy glass one. It's so much better than those nipple lights! EW!!! I just throw those out. They aren't even worthy to go the second hand shops. haha!!

Have a great day everyone!!! Come and say on Instagram!! -Jenn

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