Easy DIY Sponge Accent Wall

Hi, Wild Rose Country Homies! I'm super excited to share this DIY sponge accent wall with you that my husband and I completed in our master bathroom in collaboration with Home Hardware. What in the world is a sponge wall, you might ask? Great question. Back in the 90's sponge walls were all the rage. You used a round sea sponge and three or four different shades of color to create a muddled look on your walls....come on, fess up....who did it? It's ok, there's no judgement here ;). Times have definitely changed however, and there is a really cool technique out right now that is sweeping Instagram and Pinterest. Interesting, right???!! Stay with me...it looks really cool! Here's a little step

Think Pink and Beyond!!

Valentine's Day is on Friday!! Are you ready to THINK PINK??? A lot of people don't celebrate and I understand that; however for myself, I always use holidays as an excuse to show my friends and family love and an excuse to celebrate. So, don't be afraid to get all lovey-dovey and do something warm or romantic for someone you love. A rose never killed no body :) just saying.... To be honest, I started thinking about decorating with pink way before valentine's decor--aka pinks and reds, appeared on the radar. I had been wondering if pink could be a sustainable color in the home with my ever changing seasonal decor change ups. I mean how could I make it work during fall or Christmas, for insta




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